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Cooking design only. Problem specific to Okinawa : A city shared between tradition and modernity, between global and local.

Focus on the traditional Shimi, a ritual when Japonese people share a meal on the graves of their loved ones, to celebrate them.
In April, families gather around the family vault to share a meal with the spirit of their dead ancestors. It is the opportunity to make an offering. There's a common belief that the dead should protect the living.

It is precisely this Shimi ritual that was staged during the cooking design session. The scenography alludes to the different states of the soul after death, its metamorphoses and its journey.
The performance took place in a deserted 'Drive-in'. The inhabitants were welcomed by several hostesses who led them through different rooms, each one with a particular atmosphere, symbolizing the different passages towards death.

Cooking with two Japonese chefs, the first one being resolutely modern, the other one more traditional. Two workshops : 1. Cooking with the chefs 2. Performance.



Cooking Design