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Mistodiya [Memory and Borders] (Kief, Ukraine).

Ukraine :

Deindustrialisation, recession, low life expectancy.
Doesn't belong to the EU.
Buffer zone between the EU and Russia.

Mistodiya :

Network animation, Training, artists' residences.
Resistance against a real estate project.
Contemporary art and Architecture.
Building a civil society through artistic activities.
Sustainable development.
Educational workshops, participatory actions.
Fighting against the privatization of the urban territory and illegal constructions. Distrust of power. Creating alternative groups to foster social relations between the citizens, the government and private companies. Invent new ways of living together based on self-organization without any government subsidies.
Organization of exhibitions for local artists, creation of workshops where the inhabitants shared their skills, their culinary practices etc. around a big table [ -> ConecTable ].

Mescladis [Migration] (Spain, Barcelona).

Spain :

Massive immigration (North America, Africa).
Important emigration.
Internal flow to territories, rural exodus.
No xenophobic party in Spain.

Mescladis :

Inter culturality.
Work on the memory, the reception and the integration of refugees.
Structure resulting from the social and solidarity economy and located in the neighborhood of the Ribera in Barcelona -> Dialogue between communities through the photo -> Social cohesion, social integration. Promotion of the cultural diversity and dialogue between different cultures. Social project. Occupational integration, training. Meeting between migrants and tourists around culinary activities. The sale of meals helps to finance the project.

Cricao/Colomiers [Lead partner] (Colomiers, Toulouse)

France :

The cultural Policy of the Fifth Republic has allowed a greater access to artistic production. Creation of a Ministry of Culture. From the democratization of culture to thecultural democracy. From culture for all to culture of all. Production support (specific grants, financial help for the status of workers in casual employment and for the organisation of festivals etc.). Culture as a means to help the population. Cultural policy including state intervention. In terms of town planning : Construction of low-income housing, large housing complexes, priority planning areas (ZUP). These policies of urbanism resulted in the relegation of populations in excluded territories. => Social and cultural mix program in which culture is a tool for social cohesion.

Cricao :

Creolisation. Cultural rights -> Recognition and Valorization.
Artistic production, cooking design, ethnology.
Production and diffusion of artistic projects crossing cultures and aesthetics.

Favouring mixed-audiences thanks to cooking.
Katchakatcha project since 2013
1) Cooking together, exchanging recipes etc.
2) Production of a cooking design concept.
3) Banquet shared with the public.
The project meets the need to mix audiences, to give visibility to communities that usually remain in the shadow of the public space.