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Action on territories



The territory is seen as a place to live together, a place where encounters and social mix are made possible. It is also the place for transversality and for a cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge and perceptions. It is within this territory that the process of creolization will develop.


With an ever-growing mobility -should it be internal or external- personal stories mingle with the desire to take root in new territories. Personal experience and memories live together on the same territory. Memory is the place where each one of us will try and make sense of other people's presence on the territory.


As the driving force behind spatial redistribution and the sedimentation of our memory, migration also questions our common identity.



Considering photography keeps the memory of a place, it gives some visibility to those who usually remain invisible. It also gives a more human dimension to common places that are often experienced as anonymous and impersonal.


Given its diversity, cooking is a marker of our cultural identity. It also takes on a political dimension, depending on specific consumption choices. Opting for local consumption from small-scale producers testifies for a will to resist globalization and environmentally-damaging ways of production. Culinary design aims at combining skills and knowledge toward a common interest, for the benefit of all.


From the Greek archê meaning principle (what begins or the one who rules) and tekton, generally meaning « the one who makes », thus more specifically the carpenter, the one who covers. Architecture is generally understood to mean the idea of covering and protecting the house, the place we are meant to live together, to make things happen. Therefore, the aim will be to build a module that will structure the different activities, as well as the final banquet.