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The Mescladis association aims at revitalizing some deserted neighbourhoods in Barcelona, by offering cooking workshops.
Besides, the photographers Joan Thomas and Toé Vasquez try and give some visibility to those who usually remain invisible, hanging portraits of migrants and of those who are left out on the walls in the neighbourhood, on shop fronts that can only be seen at night whan the shops are closed.

This is the reason why the actions carried out in Barcelona mainly focus on architecture and cooking design.

The performances take place at the foot of a building next to a community garden.

What will become of such a place in a context of property speculation ?

Architecture (MistoDiya) :

Creation of a structure for plants, meant to evolve into a green wall on the adjoining building under construction.

Cooking Design (CRICAO) :

As a reference to the thematic field of the garden, a paella is elaborated exclusively with flowers. Then, the local residents are offered a workshop to repot the plants that will later be added to the green wall.