During the Wikipolis festival, from 05 to 11 March, we had the pleasure of welcoming four Ukrainians from the Misto Diya association and Sochenko 33.

During the week, the Ukrainians of Misto Diya and Sochenko 33 realized an itinerant structure within the “Pavillon Blanc” in Colomiers. In the future, this structure is intended to occupy many functions during citizen meetings.

After several days of internal construction, the structure was born during the Wikipolis festival on the weekend of March 9 to 11. The inhabitants of the district were invited to assimilate the module as they wished: construction – deconstruction – reconstruction… Each one had the freedom to give life to this object!

In the coming months, this structure will then be able to travel through the Colomiers neighbourhoods, in order to help other collaborations with the inhabitants.

See you in June 2018 if you want to see and/or give life to this wonderful itinerant structure!


During the Wikipolis festival, one of our famous KatchaKatcha took place on the 2nd of March at the Maison citoyenne d’En Jacca in Colomiers.

For one day, a culinary design workshop was organized with the residents of the neighbourhood, as well as Delphine Talbot, scenographer, and Marisella Pacheco, culinary designer.

On the theme of the “connection“, this workshop allowed the participants to discover different ingredients, flavours, atypical dishes, recipes… A real moment of exchange which ended with a wonderful degustation!

During the morning, the senses were in the spotlight! Surrounded by many ingredients more or less known by the large public, the participants were invited to listen to their senses… The sight, the smell, the touch, the taste… Everyone played the game of the discovery.

Then, a little culture moment: all the ingredients were decoded by our two designers. Accompanied by a world map, they were able to trace the origin of these ingredients and create connections between the different countries of the world.

Last stop, let’s go to the kitchen! Participants were invited to focus on recipes from around the world: Vietnam, Japan, West Africa and South Africa. Everyone put their hands together to prepare a banquet rich in colour and flavour.

If you missed this little moment of pleasure, we invite you to follow our actions to be informed of the next Katchakatcha!


Diversity is a hot-button topic in today’s dance world. It’s often linked to conversations about the rise of Misty Copeland, and there have been many notable outreach efforts, such as Charlotte Ballet’s partnership with Dance Theatre of Harlem, American Ballet Theatre’s Project Plié.

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