Key Milestones

The course of action has a dual objective:

-To develop a European identity through the impulse of cooperation between European actors acting on territories with specific problems.
-Make the potentialities of its actors emerge in the territories and make creative encounters possible.
To do this, we choose 3 redundant themes among the partners and reveal contemporary European phenomena: Territory, memory, migration.
We then choose 3 media, which are the main tools used by the partners. These tools make it possible to intervene in a way that respects a bottom-up movement and thus to accompany the potentialities of a territory: cooking, photography, architecture.
We train European Cultural Intervention Brigades (ECIB)
who will intervene on the partner sites under the angle of an emerging problem in the field, which falls within the framework of one of the three themes (Territory, memory, migration).
These cultural interventions will be extended in the form of Colab quarter meeting cycles which will be forums dealing with local issues. These rounds will have to result in proposals for actions, one of which will be selected and co-financed by Colab quarter, according to a cross-sectoral and contributory economic model.
The data produced during these actions are put into narrative thanks to the transmedia tool throughout these actions. All this data is collected for processing at a Colab quarter Colab Symposium, which will produce conclusions and recommendations.
We will then enter a dissemination phase where two main actions will be developed:
-The setting up of a collaborative platform for a pooling of resources
the results
-Creation of training for professionals or future professionals
who wish to act at a European level by using a method based on the following criteria respecting the values developed in Colab quarter.


Brigade interventions on the territories:
March and June 2018: Colomiers
May / June 2018: Toulouse
July 2018: Kyiv
April 2019: Japan
June 2019: Barcelona
Conference cycles: from 2018 to 2019 in each field after Brigades intervention
Transmedia storytelling: collection of elements of the transmedia storytelling throughout the project. Opening of the transmedia platform from June 2019
Colab Quarter Colab Seminar: June 2019 in Colomiers
After June 2019: development of online and offline training